Q: What is Dermaplane?

A: This is a skin resurfacing procedure used to remove a micro-thin top layer of the skin, (dead epidermal cells) and vellous hair.


Q: How is the procedure performed?

A: Dermaplane uses a special surgical blade to scrape away the top layer of dead epidermal cells. This controlled scraping refines the treated area by allowing the underlying layer of smooth, clear, undamaged skin to emerge.


Q: Will my hair grow back thicker?

A: No. It is physiologically impossible for hair to grow back thicker. We have two different types of hair on our bodies Vellous hair and Terminal hair. Vellous hair is most often located on our face and appears to be almost translucent or blonde. Where Terminal hair is much thicker and grows mainly on our under arms, pubic area, and eyebrows.

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